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The City University of New York

I've been consulting for CUNY Ventures since January 2015; they were looking for an experienced designer with a user-centered design mindset to redesign their solar energy map website. I ended up designing a number of things for them, including a corporate identity and templates for an information portal, but my favorite piece was probably this web app financing calculator and the page on which it sits. The design is mostly done but I've been revising based on continued user feedback my client is receiving. The product hasn't launched yet so I won't be showing too much.


In addition to the calculator interface, I designed the the critical address input area, the navigation and calculator subnavigation, the overall page template, the icons, footer, and corporate identity. For strategic reasons I used a color palete of blue and orange to align the site with New York State but opted for brighter hues to more invitingly evoke sky, sun, and warmth. By the way, this isn't the final design; I've been iterating and making slight improvements and will post the final design when the site launches (it'll have the logo I designed as well.)

Behind the Scenes

This spreadsheet provided me with content for the front-end interface prototype.

HTML/CSS for the Prototype and Production

I translated the Photoshop design into HTML/CSS and another developer added the back-end functionality to make everything come to life.

View the front-end HTML version of the calculator >

Style Guide for the Site

I submitted this to the client and CMS developer in HTML/CSS for better accuracy over specs from Photoshop.

View the style guide in HTML >

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